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A successful political campaign requires the highest levels of vision, organization, and execution. 

Although it is the candidate who determines the issues important to the campaign, Third Coast Strategies crafts the message that conveys the candidate’s image and the important issues in their community. Our Political Consulting Firm then track analytics on how effective a campaign’s message is resonating across various demographics, and create other content around the strengths of the campaign’s messaging. Building positive Name I.D. and communicating a clear, concise message are core goals for any campaign.

A strong message is only effective with the right strategy to both communicate with voters and convince them to support your candidacy or initiative. Our Political consulting firm builds an organizational infrastructure for the campaign that assists in communicating with voters. From multimedia management to grassroots development, we ensure that your campaign efficiently communicates with targeted voters throughout all levels of the voter contact spectrum. Our high-density, targeted strategy ensures that voters see the campaign messaging enough that it builds trust with them without annoying or overwhelming the voter.

With a consistent message and strong organization your campaign or initiative will be ready to ensure their supporters make it to the polls or submit their mail-in ballots. Throughout the campaign we gather important data volunteered by voters to put a strategy in place to make sure every single vote is cast. Third Coast Strategies also develops a plan to recruit volunteers for events, phonebanking, canvassing, or for Election Day. The right strategy paired with volunteer-power will lead a campaign to the ultimate goal of victory.

Expert Services

Planning & Strategy

Planning & Strategy

Create a campaign plan unique to the race or proposition that defines a specific path to victory. An organized strategy to build positive Name I.D. within the community, solidify & expand your base of donors, and ensure that your supporters cast your vote is absolutely necessary to your campaign’s success.


Whether you are a new candidate, an incumbent, or advocating for an initiative, message is the key to any campaign. It is absolutely necessary to build trust with voters, define the issues of your candidacy or initiative, and allow voters to engage with your campaign with ease & convenience.
Field Organization

Field Organization

All campaigns need an organized outreach infrastructure that includes paid workers and campaign volunteers. This organized group of supporters will help spread your message by canvassing and calling targeted voters, and will even help ensure your supporters cast their votes. Also, an organized campaign team helps mitigate the stress of managing certain tasks like sign placement/management, volunteer recruitment, and event staffing, so your campaign can focus on connecting with voters.

Bridging the Gap

Connecting All Aspects of a Campaign

The power of the incumbency can be all it takes to win re-election. With extensive campaign experience, incumbents and their teams have many of the key elements of a winning campaign. However, with the changing dynamics of campaigns in the advent of the internet era, many incumbents are having to adjust their campaign strategies quickly.

Even though incumbents have a significant advantage, many challengers today are able to unseat incumbents with low-cost digital-only campaigns that build positive Name I.D. Yet, many challengers struggle with building an organized team and volunteer base that will go out and identify your supporters and make sure they vote. 

Many campaigns in support of propositions, initiatives, and referendums with simply educating voters about the its purpose and what it aims to accomplish. Since there is a lack of education surrounding these types of campaigns, many initiatives, propositions, and referendums can easily pass or be defeated with a small, negative campaign effort. Political Consulting Firm will help your campaign bridge the gap from cycle-to-cycle to ensure continued success.

Bridging The Gap - Political consulting firm

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Our Method

Change the Game

Traditional campaigns focus on utilizing one person, or a small team, to collaborate with people, both inside and outside the campaign, to achieve the necessary goals to advance down the path to victory.

Our approach does not focus on collaboration, but on hyper-coordination. Our Political Consulting Firm in San Antonio implements operating systems that increase efficiency of direct voter contact through volunteers, develop exponential growth in name recognition, and motivate voters to support our candidates.