Case Study

Case Study - Carol Scott

Carol Scott

Del Mar Board of Regents, At Large

Cycle: 2020 General

Incumbent: Yes

Contested: Yes – 3 Opponents (Top 2 Win)

In 2020, Regent Carol Scott concluded her first 6-year term, and was the sitting Chair of the Del Mar Board of Regents. She has a strong reputation in the community through several years of work with many non-profit organizations, which comes with a significant amount of positive Name I.D. Her opponents were incumbent Del Mar Regent Nick Adame and two other candidates who ran as part of an anti-incumbent slate.

The focus of this campaign was to highlight Regent Scott’s accomplishments in her first term (increased graduation rates & lower student costs) and mobilize her community of support to increase her social media presence and contact voters.

Mail-In Voters

Since there were to be a significant number of mail-in early voters, the campaign targeted 13,000 mail-in voters within the district & 65+ voters who did not request a mail-in ballot, yet who habitually vote early as our target audience for our digital & print media campaigns.

Mass Text Ad

In order to build Name I.D. and to bolster our GOTV efforts, campaign volunteers sent out an infographic text ad sent to targeted voters with information about Regent Scott and on how to vote.

Digital Marketing

We developed video & print ads for YouTube, Facebook, and Google spread the campaign message & build stronger Name I.D. over several demographics at once. Although some of her opponents were running ads through FaceBook, it was our prerogative to have a cycle of new content mixed with targeted ads to ensure the campaign had the largest media presence in the race.  


Regent, At Large - Vote for None, One or Two

Choice Absentee Voting Early Voting Election Day Voting Total
Nick Adame 5,82541.53% 30,345 35.23% 4,932 38.15% 41,102 36.35%
John F. Wilson 1,40710.03% 13,043 15.14% 2,129 16.47% 16,579 14.66%
Shawn Flanagan 1,59411.37% 13,662 15.86% 1,964 15.19% 17,220 15.23%
Carol Scott 5,19937.07% 29,075 33.76% 3,904 30.20% 38.178 33.76%
14,025100.00% 86,125 100.00% 12,929 100.00% 113,079 100.00%

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