About 3rd Coast Strategies

Aaron Muñoz

Aaron Muñoz

President & Chief Strategist

A native of Corpus Christi, Texas Aaron earned his B.S. in Political Science in 2009 from DePaul University in Chicago, IL. In 2015, Aaron earned his J.D. from Western State College of Law in Irvine, CA. As a Law Clerk for the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, he worked closely with several government agencies in both civil and criminal matters related to transportation security. Aaron is also an internationally-cited scholar in the area of National Security Law, specifically narco-terrorism.

Aaron has also worked as a field organizer and campaign strategist for several campaigns from 2008 to 2020 ranging from municipal races to U.S. Presidential campaigns. During his campaign career, he has worked across Illinois, Colorado, and Texas.


Our Mission

Engage in the Process

Our goal at 3rd Coast Strategies is to work with dedicated elected officials and local leaders to build communities through civic engagement, field organizing, and electoral education.

We are committed to work with those individuals who reflect the vision, character, and commitment of the constituents they wish to represent. For us at 3rd Coast Strategies, political campaigns are not only about winning, but also about the responsibility of representation.

3rd Coast Strategies focuses on direct contact with voters, so our candidates can truly understand the needs of their constituents, and correctly address their constituents’ concerns in governance. Over time, these connections to the community foster trust between elected officials and voters, leading to exponential growth in civic engagement and empowering our next generation of leaders.

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One Mission

Our Method

Change the Game

At 3rd Coast Strategies we recognize the fundamentals of campaigns and organizing are important. An experienced political campaign consultant knows that these fundamentals are crucial to the success of any campaign. But, if everyone is practicing the same fundamentals, then there are diminishing returns on your campaign strategy and organizing efforts. 

Traditional political campaign consultant focus on utilizing one person, or a small team, to collaborate with people, both inside and outside the campaign, to achieve the necessary goals to advance down the path to victory.

Our approach does not focus on collaboration, but on hyper-coordination. 3rd Coast Strategies implements operating systems that increase efficiency of direct voter contact through volunteers, develop exponential growth in name recognition, and motivate voters to support our candidates.